Dr. Herb Tannenbaum: Gaining Certification in Imago Relationship Therapy

A certified Imago Relationship therapist, Dr. Herbert “Herb” Tannenbaum facilitates the Getting the Love You Want couples workshop and incorporates Imago tenets into his regular work. Moreover, Dr. Herb Tannenbaum has led clinical Imago Relationship Therapy training workshops since 1992.

While the full Imago certification process takes more than a year to complete, many trainees begin their Imago journey by attending an introductory course called Flexible Access Clinical Training (FACT). During the two-day FACT course, clinicians and couples therapists can learn more about this unique form of therapy before committing to the longer training program.

Individuals interested in attaining full Imago certification must first attend a Getting the Love You Want workshop. They then undergo a 96-hour small-group program, which is designed to teach participants how to incorporate Imago elements into their current work. Using their newly acquired techniques, psychology professionals complete six months of clinical consultation. Finally, to receive certification, the counselors or therapists must create and submit a video recording of their work with a couple for evaluation.


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