Dr. Herb Tannenbaum – The Benefits of Youth Camp

New Jersey based psychologist Dr. Herb Tannenbaum holds the position of Executive Director at the Center for Effective Living. Dr. Herbert Tannenbaum is also the director of Harbor Hills Day Camp in New Jersey. Through this role, Dr. Herb Tannenbaum possesses first-hand knowledge of the many advantages of attending youth camp.

Youth camps are designed to give children and young adults the opportunity to learn and grow in a practical and protected environment. At camp, youths are given the opportunity to interact with positive adult role models as well as a multi-generational group of their own peers. The diversity provided by youth camps helps to correct any such deficiencies in a child’s own background. Additionally, young people are exposed to a wide variety of effective tools that are useful in resolving everyday problems.

Campers also are able to gain a sense of responsibility through completing challenging group tasks. Through interacting with one another, youths develop vital leadership skills as they begin to see themselves as valuable members of a group. All of this prepares children and young adults who participate in camp to interact with confidence back at home in their own communities.


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