The Value of Day Camp- Harbor Hills Style

Summer camp has long been apart of American culture.  Initially, camp was designed to allow children an escape from the regiments of school and the pollutions of the bib city.  Now, summer camp is still a valuable respite from the more restricted schedule of the school year and the pollutions of every day life.

Summer camp is now recognized by many teachers, parents, doctors and child development specialists to be critical to a child’s development and sense of community.  As our standard neighborhoods are replaced by more technological identities, summer camp is becoming even more important than it ever was.  You can’t cheer on a computer and despite many cool features most technological devices still aren’t any fun to play with in the pool.  Most importantly camp is based on supervision and interaction and kids learn the intangible lessons of working as a team and getting along with their peers.

Harbor Hills Day Camp embodies just what kids need socially, developmentally, physically and emotionally over the summer.  The very core of Harbor Hills philosophy is all about the magic of camp!! We encourage children to push themselves and test the limits of their comfort zones.  Staff helps to enable campers to try something new and be successful.  Campers are exposed to new activities and fresh challenges; they spend their summers discovering new passions and updating their most recent list of accomplishments.  Harbor Hills campers develop their motor skills and creativity; they learn vital life skills such as teamwork and becoming a competent swimmer.  Essential friendships are formed with campers and staff members who act as positive role models.  Sportsmanship, an excitement about novel challenges and activities, the development of self confidence, making new friends, trying new foods, breathing fresh air — these are all essential benefits of summer camp.

Summer camp is the anit-Twitter.  It is about unplugging from our technologically driven society and connecting with others in a real community.  Harbor Hills summers are filled with fun and spirit, with singing and staff members who inspire, with old and new friends.  Summer at Harbor Hills is about trying new activities, being cheered on through your successes and supported through your failures.  It is about teamwork and wanting to give it another short.  Harbor Hills is about a can-do attitude and about helping others achieve and retain the same mindset.  Camp is a chance to truly be yourself.  It is a forum for silliness, fun and a vehicle of self-confidence.  Harbor Hills gives campers a sweet summer of memories to last through the cold months until we can all be back at camp, safe, comfortable and passionate about the slice of heaven that is a summer at Harbor Hills.

Many famous people attribute at least a portion of their success to camp. Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner was so affected by camp he wrote a book about it entitled CAMP! Emma Roberts, niece of Julia Roberts is still in touch with her camp friends; Lisa Loeb, Grammy nominated ;musician was so affected by her camp experiences, where she learned to play the guitar, she recorded a CD for children entitled “Camp LIsa”.  Camp is a lifelong fit you can give your children– Harbor Hills is dedicated to the safety and development of our campers and giving them a magical summer each season.


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