Developmental Delays Versus Developmental Disabilities

Developmental Delays Versus Developmental Disabilities pic

Developmental Delays Versus Developmental Disabilities

A licensed psychologist, Dr. Herb Tannenbaum has been helping individuals and couple through a variety of challenges for more than four decades. Executive Director of the Center for Effective Living, Dr. Herb Tannenbaum maintains his own private practice and has a professional interest in areas such as attachment therapy, couple therapy, and child development.

When it comes to child development, parents may hear the phrases developmentally delayed and developmental disorder. Although the two terms are occasionally used interchangeably, they are two separate things. Developmental delays do not result from lifelong conditions. They occur when a child falls behind the normal emotional, cognitive, or social development for their age range. With early intervention, developmental delays can be overcome and the child can get back on the path or normal development. However, in some cases, a child may still experience delays after reaching school age.

Meanwhile, developmental disabilities or disorders are problems that cannot be outgrown. They result from mental or physical issues like autism, Down syndrome, and brain injuries. Most developmental disabilities affect a child’s learning, self-care, and socialization. Some children with developmental disabilities will miss certain developmental milestones, while others may reach every milestone, especially if they are high-functioning.


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