The Success of Couples Counseling and What to Expect

The Gottman Institute pic

The Gottman Institute

New Jersey resident Dr. Herbert (Herb) Tannenbaum is a licensed psychologist practicing in New Jersey. A member of the American Institute for Psychotherapy, Dr. Herb Tannenbaum helps couples work through issues at his private practice.

Couples counseling serves as a valuable tool for building a solid relationship. In fact, up to 80 percent of marriages are more successful with the aid of a qualified therapist. However, according to Dr. Michael McNulty who trains couples counselors at The Gottman Institute, many partners do not seek guidance until they have dealt with an issue on their own for six years. The long wait adds to the growing pressure and stress of managing a relationship filled with turmoil.

Couples taking advantage of professional assistance learn problem-solving tools that can reduce conflict as well as open up lines of communication. Depending on the severity of the case, a therapist may suggest up to 12 sessions. Couples should expect to invest ample time with their counselor to achieve desired results. In many cases, clients do not recognize positive changes until they have completed their fifth session. Signs that therapy is working include the deliberate use of effective communication between partners to lessen the potential for argument.


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