Signs That You Might Be in a Toxic Relationship




For over 40 years, Herb Tannenbaum, PhD, has been practicing as a psychologist. Dr. Herb Tannenbaum serves as a certified Imago therapist, Executive Director of the Center for Effective Living, and a psychotherapist. In these roles, Herb Tannenbaum, PhD, provides psychotherapy on individual and couples bases and teaches several workshops and courses on relationship matters.

Toxic relationships can be extremely damaging to one’s sense of self and confidence. The effects of such a relationship can last for months or years after the relationship has ended. Following are just a few signs that you might be in a toxic relationship:

– You walk on eggshells: a toxic relationship is often characterized by an intensely controlling partner. The controlling partner may use either physical or emotional methods to keep you under their thumb, but the result is that you are scared to share your opinions or go against your partner. These circumstances can cause you to become worried that anything you say may anger your partner.

– You aren’t yourself: healthy relationships encourage you to be yourself. In contrast, toxic ones leave you feeling that you can’t. You may feel that you can’t act in certain ways and you may lose confidence. As the relationship continues, you may even find that the “new” you is unrecognizable–and your friends and family will likely also notice these changes.

– You’re always to blame: partners who are toxic often will not take the blame for the things that are wrong in your relationship. Instead, they may place the blame solely on your shoulders and spout empty apologies without actually owning up to anything. Over time, you may start internalizing this notion and come to believe that you are always at fault.


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