Eliminated Self-Hating Thoughts

 Self-Hating Thoughts pic

Self-Hating Thoughts
Image: lifehacker.com

A graduate of New York University, Herbert Tannenbaum, PhD divides his time between private practice and serving as the executive director of the Center for Effective Living. Over the course of his career, Herb Tannenbaum, PhD has taught various workshops and training courses, including Imago Relationship Therapy workshops. Dr. Tannenbaum has also given a presentation on self-hatred.

Self-hatred can be extremely detrimental, but it is a problem that you can fix. Make an effort to think of yourself as if you are talking to someone you care about. If you have self-hating thoughts, those thoughts are most likely much harsher than anything you would say to someone you love. Instead of focusing on the extreme thoughts, try thinking of what you would say to someone with the same traits as yourself. Further, you must recognize that any negative thoughts you do think about yourself are not true. Each time you have a negative thought, challenge it instead of accepting it. This forces you to present evidence that disproves your original thought and helps you see yourself more positively.

Beyond changing your thoughts, you can try reading about people you look up to. Everyone makes mistakes in life, but focusing on mistakes in your past breeds self-hatred. Reading about the mistakes made by one of your heroes helps you accept your own mistakes and move your focus more toward the present.


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