Cornerback Leon Hall Signs with the New York Giants

Cornerback Leon Hall pic

Cornerback Leon Hall

Outside of his work as a psychologist, Dr. Herbert (Herb) Tannenbaum is an avid sports fan. Dr. Herb Tannenbaum particularly supports New York teams, such as the Giants.

The New York Giants signed cornerback Leon Hall during the off-season. The franchise made the announcement public at the beginning of August 2016. The player agreed to a one-year contract that potentially pays up to $2 million. His addition to the team is part of the Giants’ strategy to bring new talent to its defensive line, which is one of the team’s weaker points.

Leon Hall will join Janoris Jenins and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. A backup to rookie Eli Apple and a slot specialist, he may have the opportunity to take over the starting position if the first-round pick is unable to fulfill his duties. The Giants will determine if the change in starting positions is necessary to give Apple more time to acclimate to professional sports. Hall, on the other hand, has played in the NFL for nine years. He concluded his last season with two interceptions and nine blocked passes.

The Yankees at the 1996 World Series

Yankees, 1996 World Series pic

Yankees, 1996 World Series

For the last 41 years, psychologist Dr. Herbert (“Herb”) Tannenbaum has worked with individuals and couples at his private practice in River Edge, New Jersey. When not providing support as a psychologist, Dr. Herb Tannenbaum follows New York Yankees baseball. He has attended 20 consecutive opening day games and witnessed the team win the 1996 World Series in person.

While the New York Yankees have won a record 27 World Series titles, some can be considered more memorable than others. The 1996 win, for example, marked the team’s first championship in nearly two decades. It also signaled a New York baseball renaissance, with the Yankees going on to win four World Series titles in five seasons to go along with six World Series appearances over eight seasons.

The Yankees won 92 regular season games in 1996. After 3-1 and 4-1 series victories over the Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles, respectively, New York faced the 96 win Atlanta Braves in the World Series. Despite winning just four more regular season games, the Braves set a much less competitive tone in Yankee Stadium II, winning Game 1 by a score of 12-1. New York dropped a second home game 4-0 to fall down two games to none.

Atlanta returned home with a commanding series lead, at which point the Yankees went about making baseball history. New York scored a 5-2 victory in Game 3, an 8-6 extra innings win in Game 4 to even the series 2-2, and a narrow 1-0 win in Game 5 for a 3-2 series advantage. The Yankees scored the first home win of the series in Game 6, edging out the Braves by 3-2 and securing the franchise’s first championship since 1978.

An Introduction to Imago Relationship Therapy

Getting the Love You Want pic

Getting the Love You Want

Psychologist Dr. Herbert (“Herb”) Tannenbaum has relied upon imago relationship therapy (IRT) as a means of supporting relationships for more than four decades. Based in River Edge, New Jersey, Dr. Herb Tannenbaum also works with individual patients.

IRT provides couples with the tools they need to endure challenging times together and, in some cases, to view their relationship as unhealthy or unsustainable. Although the timing of its application and specific issues to be addressed by IRT can vary from case to case, several aspects of IRT make its application suitable for most if not all cases.

A number of relationship problems can be traced back to poor communication and an inability of an individual to share his or her true desires with another. IRT helps both people in a relationship to identify their subconscious needs and convey them directly to the other. Similarly, imago therapists seek to explain the ineffectiveness of treating surface problems, focusing instead on helping patients to identify core issues that multiply into hurt feelings and negative encounters.

As one might expect, a successful IRT regimen can take a significant amount of time, even for couples that do not view their relationship as unhealthy or in serious jeopardy. One of the primary tenets of IRT is the construction of an emotional safe place through which couples can establish a healthy, long-term partnership. This safe space allows potential fights to evolve into opportunities for deeper connections and greater understanding. That said, emotional safety does not necessarily come easily, but can perhaps be achieved through hard work.

Top Players in New York Giants History

Harry Carson pic

Harry Carson

A New Jersey psychologist with more than four decades of experience, Dr. Herbert “Herb” Tannenbaum has written several publications and given numerous lectures and workshops. Outside of work, Dr. Herb Tannenbaum is an avid sports fan and follows several New York teams, including the Giants.

One of the NFL’s powerhouse teams, the New York Giants have had its fair share of top players over the years. Some of the team’s greatest players of all time include:

Harry Carson. A linebacker with the Giants for 13 years, Carson is often recognized for his leadership. He has been named to the All-NFC and All-Pro Teams eight and seven times, respectively, and twice was recognized as the NFC Linebacker of the Year. Additionally, Carson was the Giants’ team captain for 10 seasons.

Eli Manning. Having led the Giants to recognition as a 10-6 NFC Wild Card in 2007 and a 9-7 NFC Wild Card in 2011, Manning has made a name for himself and for the Giants over the years. He has won two MVP awards and helped the team win Super Bowls XLII and XLVI against the New England Patriots.

Lawrence Taylor. A two-time Super Bowl champion and 10-time Pro Bowler and All-Pro, Taylor was an accomplished outside linebacker for the Giants. He was Defensive Player of the Year three times and recorded two career-highs: 133 tackles during his rookie year and 20.5 sacks in 1986.

A Brief History of the New York Yankees

New York Yankees pic

New York Yankees

A dedicated psychologist, Dr. Herbert “Herb” Tannenbaum is the owner and director of Harbor Hills Day Camp, founder and executive director of the Center for Effective Living, and a regular presenter at Imago Relationship Therapy couples workshops. In his leisure time, Dr. Herb Tannenbaum enjoys following sports, and one of his favorite teams is the New York Yankees.

First established in 1901 as the Baltimore Orioles, the New York Yankees has a long and interesting history. The original team was intended for New York City, but since the New York Giants had already been established, the Orioles were placed in Baltimore until 1903. It was in this year that they were moved and became the New York Highlanders.

The team’s name was changed to the Yankees in 1913 when they were granted use of the Polo Grounds stadium. Babe Ruth was traded to the Yankees in 1920, and the team finally began to make a name for itself. It moved to Yankee Stadium in 1923 and added such top players as Lou Gehrig and Bob Meusel in the upcoming years, commonly referred to as the Golden Age.

The Golden Age of the Yankees lasted until 1962 when the team’s success saw a major drop. It finished last place in the American League East in 1966, and the newly introduced major league amateur draft made it difficult for the team to sign the players it wanted. It began to see a turnaround when George Steinbrenner bought the team in 1973. Over the next five years, the Yankees began reclaiming its name and eventually became back-to-back World Series champions.

However, after 1978, the team experienced a series of ups and downs. The New York Yankees finally regained its Golden Age success in 1996 after Joe Torre was hired as manager. The team brought on more young talent and has since maintained a strong dynasty.