Celebrate the Children’s After School Enrichment Program

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Celebrate the Children
Image: celebratethechildren.org

Licensed psychologist Dr. Herbert “Herb” Tannenbaum earned his PhD from New York University and has been in private practice for more than four decades. Working with couples and individuals, he assists with a wide range of psychological issues. Herb Tannenbaum, PhD also helps others outside of the realm of mental health through his support of such charities as Celebrate the Children (CTC).

As part of its mission to serve children with communication and relational difficulties, Celebrate the Children maintains numerous academic programs in addition to its regular curriculum. One of these programs is the CTC after school program. This enrichment program is made available to students at the CTC school, as well as students and peers attending other schools in the area. It is designed to help students with special needs find peer support and expand their education beyond the school’s normal academic hours.

Most of the CTC after school enrichment program classes are offered in three semesters. The school’s first semester lasts from September through December, while its second and third semesters run from January through March and from March through June, respectively. Each semester hosts classes for a wide range of ages and classes are available from Monday through Thursday. The actual length of each class varies, as does the cost of tuition.